Barbara Barry

The Barbara Barry Collection

“The pieces in this collection are quiet not active, peaceful not patterned, and in creating them I was reminded that underneath that layer of life, lies serenity.” More

Bill Sofield

The Bill Sofield Collection

“In all my collections I cannot say there is a single influence. I certainly love the hybridization of forms. I travel so much and draw inspiration from all the diverse cultural beauty the world holds.” More

Jacques Garcia

The Jacques Garcia Collection

“I have not tried to recreate a moment in history. I have quite simply thought of the kinds of furniture we want to live with at home today, pieces that are elegant and functional, comfortable and convival.” More

Laura Kirar

The Laura Kirar Collection

“My works are certainly influenced by my travels. The impressions and memories i take away from each place leave their indelible marks throughout my works, subtly invoking not only the destinations, but the journey.” More

Michael S Smith

The Michael S Smith Collection

Michael S Smith has developed a style that has been characterized as a delicate blend of European tradition and American modernism. More

Thomas Pheasant

The Thomas Pheasant Collection

“In the world of design, it is the details that elevate the simple to the refined.” More

Milling Road

The Milling Road Collection

The Milling Road collection makes great design, materials and craftsmanship relevant to any lifestyle. More

Stately Homes

The Stately Homes Collection

Furniture steeped in history and romance – each piece the prized treasure of a nobleman and still housed in a great Stately Home More