The Jacques Garcia Collection

Jacques Garcia

Equal part artist, antiquarian, and adventurer, Jacques Garcia ranks as the mopst sought after designer in all of France. With an elite international clientele and sundry storied public places to his credit—from the Hotel Costes to Laduree on the Champs-Elyse to the brasserie L’Esplanade—the erudite elegance of his work is exceeded only by its personality. The same man whose passion his driven him to magnificently restore and preserve the 17th century chateau in which he resides, still finds a boyish wonder in places and things.

Sorbonne Chair

This dramatic Sorbonne chair ranks among Garcia's most versatile designs. It is equally suitable for a lounge or conversation setting.

Malmaison Arm Chair

The style of Malmaison Arm Chair was often used in the waiting rooms of the Fontainebleau Palace, belonging to Josephine de Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon the 1st.

Le Lion Stand

Creating a dramatic statement in any room, the Le Lion Stand has oversized, lion paw feet supporting a round top surrounded by a curved apron