The Milling Road Collection

Milling Road

From an atelier in Tuscany to a boutique in Vienna, from a flea market in Paris to a shopfront in the wine country, the colorful furniture of the Old World has an unassuming charm. Rather than period or style, the eye is drawn to a medley of handsome shapes, each with the glowing patina of age. These are timeless forms, rooted in the heritage of European traditional furniture, yet interpreted with unexpected materials and functionality that suit today’s informal lifestyles. Classics with a wry designer twist. Polished but  never prim, each item from Milling Road can be dressed up or down – sometimes crisp, sometimes comfortable. Each form is distinctive yet familiar, as though it has always belonged in the room. The result is an uncommon sense of longevity – from one decade to the next, from one home to the next, from one room to the next, from one use to the next. Milling Road fits the way people live.

Delphine Bed

The look of the Delphine Bed can vary from rustic to romantic. Consider the possibility of the same bed dressed differently from room to room, like an upholstered chair.

Oval Back Chair

Among the most published of Baker upholstery designs, Oval Back Chair is fashionable without catering to any one look or master.

Sloane Arm Chair

With a double cane back and rounded descending curved arms terminate to octagonal chamfered stumps, the Sloane Arm Chair brings casual elegance into your home.