The Thomas Pheasant Collection

Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant is a Washington-DC-based award-winning interior designer recognized internationally for his work. His signature style is modern elegance – calm and luxurious interiors of quality and comfort. For his latest Baker collection, the designer explores new expressions of the past using simplicity, bold silhouettes and clean finishes. Motivated by the evolution of classical ideals, he draws from influences the world over to create modern pieces that, upon closer inspection, reveal roots of his classical connection.

Blossom Mirror

The Blossom Mirror, featuring 18 crystal blossoms floating on a bronze frame, with more than 100 invisible welding points, is so stunning that it would be a focal point anywhere in the home.

Athens Lounge Chair

The klismos chair has been evolving for centuries. With the tufted version of the Athens Lounge Chair, Thomas Pheasant pushes that timeless form to the limits of even hand craftsmanship.

Arcade Table

From the Colosseum of Rome to Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise, the arch is unique among architectural elements in its ability to move us. Its sense of perspective inspired Thomas Pheasant to create the Arcade series of tables.